MOTORTUNE Updates - 38ème Rallye du Rouergue 2011 (France)

Nicolas Amiouni and Co-Driver Joseph Matar's participation in Rallye de Rouergue resulted in a satisfaction to the Lebanese talented driver.

Despite the rules' confusion and the mechanical failure forcing the Lebanese duo to enter the Super Rally, Nicolas is totally satisfied from his 1st ever participation in such an event. "Honestly, I’m more than happy; the difference between Lebanon and France is that there are 190 competing teams there, where everyone of those drivers is capable of winning in his/her own category. The competition is always tough and that applies onto the R2 class where I had to race against 50 others. All of those racers are here to win which urged me to keep pushing my C2 to the edge. Speaking of results, I was somehow surprised to rank among the top 10 in stage 1. The level was high,"said Nicolas.

Amiouni's next event will be in the Local Jordanian Rally alongside Roger Feghali and MOTORTUNE Team.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 July 2011 07:17